Sans Frontières also aims to help disadvantaged groups

The appropriate person in charge of the MSF Hong Kong project said: "In recent weeks, our staff have had face-to-face conversations with road cleaners, refugees and asylum seekers, and visually impaired men and women." "We share the latest evidence-based medicine. . Drugs. Information and facts, but perhaps more critically, we have been there to hear and respond to many ideas caused by this new disease.
"Fear usually spreads faster than viruses, so helping men cope with stress and tension is our focus."
started an operation soon after the COVID-19 outbreak started in the city in late January.
MSF donated tools, hoping to provide assistance and response in Asia
In addition, MSF will donate a large number of special protection products to your Hong Kong St. John's Ambulance Service to help them calculate their inventory until they are finally replenished. Personnel are transporting high-risk customers, so it is necessary to ensure that they have the qualified defense required to do the job correctly.
We hope to provide guidance to happy frontline workers who are doing their jobs properly during this pandemic to help them.
Four cases were passed by msf hong kong police, but no one in the SAR was known to have sent money to the scammers. An investigation is now being run from Western District police station.
Médecins Sans Frontières (Médecins Sans Frontières) is working in other countries, and even further afield, the team is also prepared for the COVID-19 outbreak. In many countries around the world (mainly in South and Southeast Asia), MSF is liaising with health authorities and providing assistance when needed.
This includes guiding health workers through infection prevention and management steps, as well as health and fitness education and learning for susceptible and high-risk teams, which is attributed to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) of the MSF type associated with the coronavirus. The 2003 outbreak was consistent, and the pursuits during the entire period were very similar.
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